Public Security Department Signs a MoU With E-government Program "Yesser"

Published 28 Feb 2010
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Public Security Department Signs a MoU With E-government Program "Yesser"
Riyadh. The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr. Mohammad bin Ahmad Jameel Mullah and Major General Sa'eed bin Abdullah Al Gahtani the Director General of Public Security, have jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding today regarding co-operation between them in e government transactions. The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
At  the conclusion of the ceremony, the Minister of communications and Information Technology said that the MoU comes in the framework of the Public Security's efforts to transform to e government and to discussed concepts and proposals of the overall system issues, which is a national strategic project, and it also comes in response to the Decree issued by the Leadership in this regard.
The Minister added that the MoU includes a plan in the Public Security Department to transform to e government  and conceive a visualization for the projects of e government in the basic activities of the General Security.
On his part, Major General Sa'eed said that this MoU is within the procedures taken by the Public Security Department to achieve the objectives set by His Royal Highness Minister of Interior, the Second Deputy Premier to upgrade the Technical aspect of the Ministry's  Departments and use it to serve the Public Security and ease procedures for citizens and residents.
In the context of this MoU, "Yesser" program will support the Public Security to establish Projects Management Office and also in developing concepts and proposals in the comprehensive system cases, which His Royal Highness the Assistent Minister of Interior for security Affairs gave a directive to start working on it, this includes the automation of all phases of judicial cases from the reporting stage to the judgment stage,  and present the recommendations and proposals so that it will be applied in other competent government agencies as a strategic national program. The Program will also provide sufficient seats to train employees of the Public Security Department in computer basic skills and on the concepts of e-government by using capacity-building initiative, skills, and coordination with the National Information Center, Ministry of Interior.

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