KAU launches Applied Medical Sciences Forum

Published 28 Apr 2009
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KAU launches Applied Medical Sciences Forum
Dr. Usama Bin Sadiq Tayeb, Director of King Abdulaziz University will sponsor today the opening ceremony of the  Fifth Student's Scientific Forum for students of applied medical science colleges at the level of the Kingdom in the hall of celebrations and conference center of University campus. Events will be held during Tuesday and Wednesday, according to Al-jazerah newspaper.
A gathering of participants in the forum include specialists in the areas of medical laboratory technology, nursing, radiology, nutrition, physiotherapy and other departments, and attendance of consultants from Ministry of Health hospitals and the private sector, in addition to specialists and students from various parts of the Kingdom.
The forum aims to expand the student's scientific understanding and develop their research skills, provide different parts of applied medical science to society, and the exchange of experiences between the scientific and practical applications of medical science students.

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