GPYW organizes 2nd session of dialogue

Published 28 Apr 2009
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GPYW organizes 2nd session of dialogue
Riyadh - Prince Sultan bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz, General President of Youth Welfare (GPYW), has agreed to organize the second session for dialogue, at Leaders Training Institute in Riyadh during the period from 28-5 to 8/6/1430H in cooperation with King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue with participation of (25) candidates from the clubs and hostels in the kingdom.
Deputy President-General of Youth Affairs, Mansour bin Abdulaziz Al-Khudairi, explained that the session comes in implementation for Memorandum of Understanding signed between the General Presidency for Youth Welfare (GPYW )and centers, which organize a number of training courses for qualification of cadres in dialogue.
Al- Khudairi added that courses aim to enable youth for a culture of dialogue through preparation of certified trainers for dialogue in their regions through organization of sessions in clubs and hostels and to promote a culture of dialogue between youth in various regions of the Kingdom.  The participant should have a university certificate and training experience and aged 23-25 years in addition to complete conditions and information of participation.

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