Minister of Labor highlights importance of Saudi Employment Strategy

Published 28 Jul 2009
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Minister of Labor highlights importance of Saudi Employment Strategy
Jeddah - Minister of Labor Dr. Ghazi Al-Gosaibi thanked Saudi leaders for the cabinet's approval of the Saudi Employment Strategy. The minister highlighted the importance of the approval of the strategy and its role in employing Saudis and tackling the issues of the labor market.
Minister of labor, according to Saudi Press Agency, pointed out that the strategy aims at full employment of Saudis and raising standard of their productivity over the next 25 years.
The strategy has been prepared to deal with the challenges that the Saudi labor market is facing and to overcome its structural flaws in order to minimize them and increase the competitive level of the national workforce. It has objectives for the short term (two years), medium term (three to five years) and long term (six to 25 years). All will be met by setting goals and establishing mechanisms for achieving them.
The objectives are: Full employment of the national workforce, continued increase of national human resource contributions and raising the standards of the local workforce’s productivity. The framework for achieving the objectives is to control unemployment by taking into account the different economic and social aspects and working for maintaining full employment.

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