JCCI Holds Meeting on Open Source Interest Group

Published 28 Oct 2009
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JCCI Holds Meeting on Open Source Interest Group
Jeddah - Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry represented by the sector of Information Technology organizes today an open meeting on Open Source Interest Group, which is one of the activities that the Chamber adopt to provide the latest technology solutions to the business community in Jeddah in cooperation with the Saudi Computer Society in the presence of a large number of interested in programming and modern means of technology at Al-Awadhi hall in JCCI's headquarter.
The General Director of Information Technology Sector in Jeddah Chamber Engineer Eng. Mohiuddin Hakami said, according to Saudi Press Agency, that the meeting, which will be for JCCI's employees and employers in line with the objectives of the information technology in raising awareness of business community in Jeddah with the latest technology solutions.
He pointed out that the term (open sources) stands for  a set of principles that ensure access to the design and production of goods and knowledge and it is used to refer to the available programs codes (codes) without intellectual property restrictions and allows the users of software to manage the programming sources,modifying and adding new features to them.

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