Arab Summit concluded resolving to hold an extraordinary Summit at end of the year

Published 29 Mar 2010
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Arab Summit concluded resolving to hold an extraordinary Summit at end of the year
Sirte, News Agencies:
The 22nd Arab Summit concluded yesterday in the Libyan city of Sirte after two days of discussions attended by 14 Arab Leaders.
Amr Moussa, Secretary General of the Arab League, declared that it is resolved to hold an extraordinary Summit at the end of the current year to discuss the development of the Arab League Work.
Expressing their complete support for Jerusalem City (Al Quds), the Arab Leaders declared within the Summit's conclusion a financial support of $ half a Milliard to face settlement hostile policy adopted by Israel. Additionally, they will appeal to the International Court of Justice to face Israeli non-stopping crimes against Palestinians. While the summit approved an Arab unified Plan to save Jerusalem through three political, financial and legal perspectives, the Leaders call for an extraordinary summit to be held under auspices of the Arab League and with participation of all Arab Countries, Organizations, Societies and Civil Authorities to save Jerusalem and protect its inhabitants. The Summit asked for the International Society and Security Council to enforce Israel to have an immediate removal of its Seizure imposed upon Gaza Region.
During their discussions, the Arab Leaders confirmed their continuous support aiming at achieving the Patriotic Reconciliation among Palestinians. They also asked Egypt to continue in its efforts to finalize any disputes among Palestinians and to reach a mutual agreement amont all disputing parties.
Condemning Israeli hostile actions against Arab countries, The Summit confirmed again that Fair and Permanent Peace in the Middle East Region can never be achieved without the Israeli complete withdrawal from all Arab and Palestinian Occupied Territories.

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