Health and Agriculture Ministries completed swine flu precautions

Published 29 Apr 2009
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Health and Agriculture Ministries completed swine flu precautions
The Ministry of Health has implemented heat detectors in airports to detect swine flu on arrival from the countries affected, especially from Mexico, Britain and America, as directed by the World Health Organization.
Members of the Scientific Committee of the National Infectious Diseases quoted as saying at a press conference yesterday, reported by Okaz newspaper, that the Commission is at a continued meeting, and pointed out that the ministry has set free tel. No. for inquires about the disease which is 8002494444.
The Ministry of Health used such devices for the detection of avian influenza patients five years ago, and discover of the passengers who suffer from high temperature.
On the other hand, the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Fahd bin Abdul Rahman Balguneim said that his Ministry is fully prepared to cooperate with other government agencies to promote the precautionary measures for prevention of swine flu disease, at the same time stressing that the Kingdom is not immune from this disease.

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