Discussing Electronic Linkage among GCC Information centers

Published 29 Apr 2010
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Discussing Electronic Linkage among GCC Information centers
Riyadh, e-Media:
At a meeting held lately in Riyadh by Executive Board Of The Health Ministers' Council G.C.C. States, Electronic Linkage among all Gulf States Information centers was discussed especially that it has actually started at this meeting.
The meeting headed by Tawfiq bin Ahmed Khoja, the General Director of the said Executive Board, threw light on Riyadh will-be-held e-Health conference. It also discussed, in addition, the smart card system and quality of Health services for the safety of patients and the appropriate tools to implement the initiative of patient-friendly hospitals.
Discussions also include how to control diabetes mellitus, means of transferring Manamah's publication to be an integral mechanism within the general framework of the Gulf plan to the protection of heart and vascular diseases, and fighting non-infectious diseases. The attendees attempted to specify the date of the symposium of "improving Health and lifestyle.. Fighting non-infectious diseases" that will be held in Kuwait. They also discussed smoking control and world health survey in addition to other medical cases and topics.

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