Ministry of Higher Education Plans to launch the digital library for Saudi universities

Published 29 May 2010
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Ministry of Higher Education Plans to launch the digital library for Saudi universities
Riyadh, e-Media:
Ministry of Higher Education planned to launch the project of the digital library for Saudi universities to include over 114 thousand of books in different fields of human knowledge.
Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Anqary, Minister of Higher Education, stated that such a project came as a response to face the challenges of the age that is marked by the spread of sciences networks that intervene academic and research communities with one another. The project, he said, represents a supportive tool on the national level where advanced Information Services can be offered. All digital information resources will be availed to academic professors, scholars and students both at Graduation and post Graduation studies, he added.
The digital library will contribute in supporting the higher education organizations and employees of Saudi universities in addition to scholars and specialists, he stated. As a result, communications among employees in the fields of scientific production and publications will be more effective, and borrowing digital books produced by the well-known universities will be an easy process.
The Minister of Higher Education pointed out that such a project will contribute in pushing the initiative launched by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, to enrich the Arabic Content on the Internet and transform the paper-based Information resources at Saudi universities to be digital ones.

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