Amendments approved by the Cabinet on e-Government implementation regulations

Published 29 Jun 2010
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Amendments approved by the Cabinet on e-Government implementation regulations
Jeddah, SPA
The Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, chaired yesterday the Cabinet's session held at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah.
The Crown Prince confirmed at the outset of the session that King Abdullah's participation in the G20 Summit reflects the economic sedate position and prudent policy adopted by the Kingdom. He commended the deliberations and discussions made the Monarch with leaders of the G20 States which included economic status all over the world in addition to significant financial developments.
Regarding the e-Government Implementation Regulations, the Cabinet reviewed the report sent by Minister of Communications and Information Technology concerning the First Measurement of Government Agencies Transformation into e-Government. Based on such a review, the Cabinet issued a number of resolutions including amendments of two Clauses of the said Regulations that were previously issued by the Cabinet with the no. (40) and dated 27/2/1427H to come finally as follows:
Clause (22): Each Government Agency shall carry out a biannual Measurement to evaluate its transformation into e-Government. Such a Measurement is to be carried out in accordance with a certain Mechanism and a set of Indicators specified by YESSER Program, so that Government Agencies can evaluate e-Transformation over one year provided that the said indicators are to be included within each Agency's annual report with a copy sent to YESSER Program.
Clause (23): YESSER Program shall provide the Monarch with an annual report, which has been prepared by the Program indicating the transformation of Government Agencies into e-Government, as per indicators previously mentioned in Clause (22).
On the other hand, the Cabinet expressed the Kingdom's condemnation on the hostile resolutions taken by Israel to demolish 22 house owned by Palestinians in north of Jerusalem.
On the occasion of the World anti-Drugs Day, the Cabinet asks for collaboration of all regional and international efforts to fight such an evil. On the other hand, the Cabinet approved a decision relating to the Kingdom's joining an international agreement for protecting the rights of children. The agreement, known as the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, guarantees the protection of children from being sold, prostituted, and used in pornography and armed conflicts.

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