No dangerous side effects from swine flu vaccine, Health Ministry

Published 29 Sep 2009
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No dangerous side effects from swine flu vaccine, Health Ministry
Riyadh - Ministry of Health and the Saudi Food and Drugs Authority (SFDA) Monday assured citizens and expatriates that there no side effects for the H1N1 vaccine expected to be available mid next month.
“There is no truth to reports carried by some Internet sites and circulated on mobile messages that the vaccine has bad side effects,” the two said in a joint press release.
According to Saudi Press Agency, the ministry and SFDA said that the vaccine was being marketed after it was proved that it is not harmful, and in accordance with the international standards of safety.
The ministry in a statement added that these claims were not based on any scientific evidence, and that the vaccine "is safe to use."
The Health Ministry also drew a comparison of the components of both the new vaccine, and the former seasonal flu vaccine, "Tamiflu," which bear a similar resemblance.
It said that 8-10 days are required after vaccination by injection for the protective effects to take place.
The ministry plans to import 10 million doses of the vaccine in addition to five million doses for use in schools.

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