Information Crimes deliberately discussed at King Abdulaziz Public Library

Published 30 Mar 2010
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Information Crimes deliberately discussed at King Abdulaziz Public Library
Riyadh, eMedia:
King Abdulaziz Public Library (KAPL) hosts in Riyadh today Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Youssef, the acting Deputy Minister of Social Affairs for social development and welfare, to discuss information crimes and their bad effects on social security.
The planned meeting is to be held at Lectures Hall of the Library branch at King Abdulaziz Historic Center and its discussions which come within the monthly events of KAPL will be immediately transferred through the internal television network to the female hall so that female visitors can follow up.
The KAPL Administration declared keen interest in utilizing its monthly event to provide community with suitable awareness about actions that threaten national stability and security.
Being regarded as the crimes of the age exceeding with precedence all geographical limits, KAPL confirmed that discussing information crimes stems from its bad effects on national economy, community and security. Such bad effects grow in parallel with the increasing numbers of internet users and the vast development in telecommunications and information technologies, it stressed.

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