Second phase of Spatial Data Infrastructure project launched

Published 30 Jun 2009
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Second phase of Spatial Data Infrastructure project launched
Riyadh - High Commission for Development of Arriyadh holds today a meeting, with the participating agencies in the pilot project of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Riyadh city, at the Commission's headquarters, as launching for second phase of the project which will discuss the objectives of that phase, business strategy and techniques used in operating the system.
According to "Al-Eqtisadiah" newspaper, the project aims  to exchange the spatial data in Riyadh, such as names of quarters, streets, houses and mailbox numbers, borders of plots, to clarify lines of communication cables and water connections, which pave the way to establish a partnership based on mutual benefit and exchange of information directly between the agencies that rely on spatial data in its works as well as updating the spatial data from its basic sources continuously and accurately, maintaining the geographic information systems (GIS) or databases in the involved agencies.
The project's second phase includes installation and operation of the system in the commission and other participating agencies, training on the system use, then operating the system and monitoring its performance, finally support and maintenance the system's effectiveness and determine the best way to take advantage of it.

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