Al-Issa: Soon.. e-Pleading & e-Courts in Saudi Arabia

Published 31 Mar 2010
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Al-Issa: Soon.. e-Pleading & e-Courts in Saudi Arabia
Madinah, eMedia: Regarded as the greatest project within the development of Saudi Juridical system, Dr. Mohamed Al-Issa, Minister of Justice declared that e-Pleading and e-Courts will soon be launched all over the Kingdom in accordance with a latest Information and Network linking. During his meeting with Madinah Judges at Legal Courts Complex next to Prophet's Mosque, Al-Issa pointed out that his Ministry moves towards achieving its message appearing in sustaining justice and developing its prerequisites. Saudi courts have needed researchers and counselors to support work of Juridical organizations, he confirmed. The Minister was received by Sheikh Fahd Almohaimeed, Head of the General Court in Madinah Region. Afterwards, he met Madinah Judges, then toured at different departments subordinate to Madinah Legal Courts.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 3:30 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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