KSA ranks the first religious tourism destination

Published 31 Jul 2011
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KSA ranks the first religious tourism destination
Riyadh, e-Media:
A recent report issued by a real estate entity says KSA is capable to establish tourism as an essential pillar of its economy. Besides religious pilgrimage as a source of revenue, other types of tourism include recreational, conferences and exhibitions. The vast geographical diversity of the country with its see shores, mountains and deserts is conductive to establishing a major tourism industry in KSA availing the changing and unstable conditions in other destinations, according to "alriyadh” news paper.
The Merits Holding Co. report noticed that spending during pilgrimage season is favored by local markets and economies in Holy Makkah, Madinah and other pilgrimage areas and cities. KSA issued more than 5 million visas this year to Umra pilgrims. This figure is expected to increase by mid Ramadan to 5.5 million as compared to 4 million visas last year. It is the first time the number of Umra pilgrims reaches up to 5.5 million.
According to the same source, KSA is a major tourist destination capable of attracting more tourists.  More than 10.9 million tourists visited the kingdom;  up by more than 28 percent. Classified hotels and accommodation units increased to 1319 with more than 77167 room capacity in total.

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