17th Annual meeting of Provinces Governors stresses on a balanced comprehensive development for citizens

Published 31 Aug 2010
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17th Annual meeting of Provinces Governors stresses on a balanced comprehensive development for citizens
Makkah, SPA:
Prince Naif Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud, Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior chaired on Sunday evening, the 17th annual meeting of Governors of Provinces.
The meeting dealt with topics on its agenda including the scales of achievements in the provinces, as well as services provided to citizens and residents and facilitation of their affairs.
The meeting emphasized the importance of taking actions to achieve balanced and comprehensive developments and taking care of interests of citizens and residents in all the provinces of the Kingdom.
Prince Ahmad Ibn Abdulaziz, Deputy Minister of Interior, and Prince Mohammed Ibn Naif Ibn Abdulaziz, Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs attended the meeting.
In a press statement following the meeting, Prince Naif said that the meeting dealt with the activation of the roles of provincial councils, housing for needy citizens, establishment of high-level clubs for young people to spend their leisure times, and control of transgression on properties of others or some land of the State.
'We will submit to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud and the Crown Prince, about the discussions at the meeting including all the facts and their solutions,' Prince Naif added.
With regard to addressing the conditions of the young people in all provinces of Kingdom, Prince Naif said parents should take care of their children as there is the emergence of inappropriate phenomena in our society, as well as surfacing of the deviation of thoughts of some young people and their joining organizations against the religion and the homeland; in addition to their slipping into things that are inappropriate for the Saudi youth whether in terms of behaviors or appearances. 'Moreover, we have directed the governors to deal with such youths within the framework of guidance and advices.'
Prince Naif said, 'Parents should take care of their children and we should have sharing with them. Children should not be dealt with harshness but with guidance and advice. There should be places for serving the youth during their leisure times by the establishment of clubs integrated along with sports activities. The principalities of provinces with the assistance from some citizens are establishing places of recreations and sports playgrounds inside neighborhoods. '
With regard to the follow-up of development projects in the provinces , especially flooding projects, Prince Naif said that every governorate is responsible for this matter, and there is a high ministerial committee chaired by him to follow up these disasters, which have occurred or may occur in the future as a result of rains or any other natural disasters, noting that the Committee will deal with the matter in a way that prevents these risks and deals with results correctly.
As for the employment of citizens, Prince Naif said, 'It is impossible, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in the rest of the countries of the world that the government employs all young people, but jobs in governmental or private sectors should be occupied by citizens. Governmental agencies represented by Ministry of Civil Service should coordinate with Ministry of Higher Education and relevant ministries for finding jobs for these graduates. The private sector must also employ the young people and this is what I have discussed with a number of chambers of commerce.

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