King Appeals to Iraqi People and Political Actors in Iraq

Published 31 Oct 2010
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King Appeals to Iraqi People and Political Actors in Iraq
Riyadh - SPA:
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud appealed to the brotherly people of Iraq and all political actors in Iraq, stressing the unity of Arab and Islamic nation and emphasizing that Arab and Islamic causes are a priority for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
The following is the text of the appeal:
In the name of Allah, most merciful, most gracious,
Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and companions,
Dear brothers and sisters, the brotherly people of Iraq,
Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you,
From the site of revelation, the cradle of the Message and Arabism, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a country, nation and state, I appeal to the brotherly proud people of Iraq which hosts various tolerant coexistent religions, sects and ethnicities.
This is the appeal of a person who is concerned for his nation and seeks to uphold its dignity and pride in a time overwhelmed by crisis that frustrated hope and weakened resolve to stabilize Arab and Islamic nations. However, hope does not die, and resolve does not wane when souls and hearts are united and trust in Allah Almighty lives. I say this with a heart filled with feelings of belonging to our nation and its aspirations.
The brotherly people of Iraq who are concerned for its unity, pride, security and prosperity, and are ardent to serve their Arab and Islamic nation, are required today to offer and sacrifice for the sake of a secure and stable Iraq.
As history has always testified, Iraq has always been capable of finding a way out of its crises and tribulations. And this has been achieved by the will of Allah Almighty and the solid and strong resolve and will.
Dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of Iraq,
You are a people of history and civilization, authenticity and pride, and humanely endowed richness. No one can deny or marginalize the people of Iraq. This requires that you resort to reason and muster all strength to shoulder your historical and national responsibility to maintain your heritage and the right of your future generations to live with dignity and pride.
Dear proud Iraq,
For all of what I have said, I invite His Excellency President Jalal Talabani of the brotherly Republic of Iraq, all parties that participated in the elections, and political actors, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet, after the holy Hajj period, in Riyadh under the umbrella of the Arab League, in order to seek a solution for every problem facing the formation of the government which has long remained unsolved, and in order to consult and decide which noble way you take and which honorable direction you choose. He who holds the reins to the resolution ought to possess the wisdom and its dictates. Destruction has so many smooth roads, but construction, after the blessing of Almighty, calls for a strong will.
It is well-known to everyone that you are at a crossroads, a fact that necessitates your uniting the ranks, rising above your wounds, distancing the shadows of differences, and extinguishing the fire of abhorrent sectarianism.
Dear brothers,
Your unity and solidarity strengthen you and us and are cause enough for reunion, patience and wisdom so that we all become strong hold against seekers of sedition, whatever their motives leanings might be. And you will be able to re-build the country of Mesopotamia which has always been a fortified citadel with its Arab countries against any sedition or evil-doer that only benefits the nation's enemies.
We, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, share with you all of this, and assure you of our full readiness to extend a helping hand and support for all resolutions that you will reach and agree upon in order to restore security and peace to the land of Mesopotamia.
The mission you are shouldering will go down in history and will be inscribed in the memory of future generations. Do not make that young memory one of sorrow, pain and misery.
Our hands are outstretched to you. Let us work together for the security, integrity and stability of the land and brotherly people of Iraq.
O Allah, I worked hard and I now ask righteousness; I prayed and I now beseech your response; and I have informed so that You, the most generous of all, will be my witness.
May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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