Drop in Jeddah's dengue fever cases noted

Drop in Jeddah's dengue fever cases noted
31 Dec
Jeddah - The number of dengue fever cases has declined, according to the director of Jeddah’s health department. Sami Badawood chaired the third meeting of the committee set up to provide assessments of health risks following the recent floods.
After reviewing the action plan in place to prevent the spread of dengue fever and reports about mosquitoes multiplying in ponds, the committee instructed the municipality to intensify fumigation efforts within the disaster area, "Al-Riyadh" newspaper reported.
Badawood added that the number of dengue fever cases had dropped to seven from 11 last week, indicating the situation was improving.
The committee also reviewed recommendations from a previous meeting, which included following up on the progress of medical field teams providing health services in disaster zones, in addition to increasing the working hours of health centers set up in these particular areas.
The committee was established on orders of Jeddah governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal to improve the health situation in the city following the disaster.
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