Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz holds press conference

Published 4 May 2011
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Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz holds press conference
Abu-Dhabi, SPA:
Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Minister of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, currently leading his country's delegation to the 12th Consultative Meeting for the GCC Interior Ministers in Abdu-Dhabi, confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region face numerous security risks, most important of which is terrorism.
In a press statement following the meeting, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz said terrorist groups have internal and external links as security is an integrated system.
Crime and drugs are everywhere and the whole world is suffering from them and fighting them, he said, adding that terrorism is a temporary phenomenon, praying to Allah Almighty to soon wipe it out.
On the terrorist incident in Morocco which took place recently, he said it was not justified, describing those who committed it as insane and working under the influence of ill-advisors.
He said terrorist acts in the Kingdom are on the steep decline, confirming that Saudi Arabia is an integral part of the Arab world and the world at large.
In response to a question, he said Riyadh has proposed the establishment of an international center for combating terrorism which will be hosted by Riyadh or elsewhere.
On Prince Mohammed bin Naif Center for Advice-giving, he said the facility has been established to give advice to deviants who joined terror groups and planning to repent or reverse.
Asked about the impact on the region of the killing of bin Laden, he said it would be hoped that by his death some evil was over, denying that bin Laden holds a Saudi nationality.
Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz defended the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, saying that after thorough investigation, it was apparent that much of what was circulated about its members were rumors

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