GACA Joins World to Celebrate International Cabin Crew Day

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Published 1 Jun 2021
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GACA Joins World to Celebrate International Cabin Crew Day

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) celebrated the International Cabin Crew Day, which falls on May 31 of each year, out of awareness of the importance of this global event and to contribute to highlighting the mission of flight attendants and their role in serving travelers, meeting their needs, and explaining the rules and standards of public safety.
Aircraft cabin crews are a watchful eye for the safety and comfort of passengers, as flight attendants must be aware of the passenger cabin safety rules in accordance with the company’s operational manual and the cabin safety crew members ’guide approved by GACA.
Flight attendants have several tasks and responsibilities including inspecting emergency equipment on board the plane before boarding the passengers, checking boarding passes, assisting passengers to get to their seats while boarding, explaining general safety rules for passengers after closing the plane’s doors, preparing for any emergency during take-off, and preparing to provide first aid services for travelers as well as providing meals and drinks for travelers during the trip and meeting their needs within public safety standards.
Furthermore, for the safety of passengers and to reach their destination safely, flight attendants prepare for the landing process during the landing of the plane and make sure that passengers' belts are fastened and their luggage and equipment are fixed as well as bidding farewell to passengers and making sure that the plane is free of any luggage or foreign objects after opening the doors of the plane, in addition to recording the notes related to the cabin malfunctions in the booklet, and provide it to specialists after the end of the trip.
It is worth noting that GACA has set among its priorities the services provided to travelers, the search for best practices and new innovations regarding the quality of passenger services and work to implement them, and the building of the required minimum standards and performance indicators related to the level of services provided to travelers, in addition to ensuring compliance with international standards with regard to the quality of services provided to the travelers.

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