Riyadh City Boulevard will open its doors to visitors tomorrow, offering a wide array of activities

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Published 31 Oct 2021
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Riyadh City Boulevard will open its doors to visitors tomorrow, offering a wide array of activities

The Riyadh Season will open the “Riyadh City Boulevard” zone activities, tomorrow, Monday, to visitors, which will be the most important entertainment destination, the largest event area and an exceptional project built by Saudis, as per the best standards that make it the top destination for Riyadh visitors, organizers said.
The total area of the zone, located north of Riyadh, has seen a threefold expansion in its area compared to the previous season, amounting to around 900,000 m2, making it the largest entertainment facility in the region, built per the highest specifications, in addition to its luxurious restaurants, cafes and a state-of-the-art dancing fountain.
The "Riyadh City Boulevard" is comprised of nine areas, each with its own set of events, restaurants, cafes, gardens, international game centers, festivals and stores designed for all tastes and ages, namely the fountain area, which offers different displays of laser lights, colors and music that are synchronized with the fountain show.
The activities include the "Crystal Maze Experience", which will be held for the first time outside the United Kingdom, where the audience will be subject to a challenge inside the maze to enjoy experiences that include mental, motor, individual and group activities, "Screws Experience" activity and a dynamic game that embodies a different experience onboard a vehicle in which the participant is exposed to all visual and sensory effects.
Moreover, the zone also includes the "Sleight of Hand Champions" event, a global show that combines 21 magic games and sleight of hand, and the "Snow Dome" event, an ice world in the form of a snow dome that offers winter activities such as a climbing wall, a snow park, and hockey, in addition to the giant slide, the largest slide of its kind with skating tracks for adults and children in a snowy atmosphere.
The activities also include the launch of the "Golf" event, an integrated entertainment destination for golf enthusiasts held for the first time in Riyadh, in addition to the "Firstaiment" event, a site dedicated to the challenges of the battle of colors, throwing arrows, and other action and excitement activities.
Also among the events will be the "Boulevard Talents”, which includes exploring talents under the supervision of professional business managers, to transform the talented into stars in the Middle East, and Mohamed Henedy’s "Salam Meraba" play, a social comedian play, to be staged at the Bakr Al Sheddi Theater.
The "Boulevard Riyadh City" area will open its doors to visitors from 05:00 pm until 4:00 am, seven days a week. It also contains more than 10,000 parking lots for visitors, including people with special needs, in addition to a valet parking service.
The zone will host international events for the first time in the world, in addition to the largest cinema in the Middle East, which contains 25 high-quality screens where the latest films will be shown before their debut in international cinemas, in an area of around 22,280 square meters.

Last Modified Date: 01/11/2021 - 8:32 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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