Royal Commission for Al-Ula, SAUDIA to Launch First Flying Museum in the World Next Thursday

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Published 1 Nov 2021
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Royal Commission for Al-Ula, SAUDIA to Launch First Flying Museum in the World Next Thursday

The Royal Commission for Al-Ula and Saudi Airlines SAUDIA announced launching the “Sky Museum” from Riyadh to Al-Ula, to be the first flying museum in the world under this cooperation to shed light on what Al-Ula enjoys of archeological sites.
The trip will kick off on Thursday on board the flying museum, where chosen replica pieces will be showcased for archeological pieces that were discovered during excavations in Al-Ula.
SAUDIA seizes this opportunity to launch a new channel on its entertainment system (IFE) during the trip “Experience Saudi Arabia” where passengers will be able to watch Discovery Channel documentary “The Architects of Ancient Arabia”, which was launched in 2021 and produced by Powderhouse, to unveil the foundation stone of the first human civilization in Al-Ula.
During the trip, Director of Antiquities and Heritage Research at the Commission Dr. Rebecca Foote will give a briefing on the documentary and the pieces displayed in the flying museum and will also answer guests’ questions.
Dr. Foote said: “There is a tremendous volume of continuous work in Al-Ula by a team of local and international archeologists, yet we have just started to understand the complicated nature of the past of Al-Ula. Al-Ula is a hidden gem in the Arabian Peninsula and we are moving forwards in exploring its secrets. I look forward to sharing more information about our work to passengers on board the Sky Museum trip on SAUDIA.”
For his part, Discovery Channel Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa Kerrie McEvoy said that screening the documentary on the new entertainment system of SAUDIA aims at offering an educational and entertaining content for passionate audience around the world.
Chief Destination Marketing Supervisor at the Commission Phhilip Jones said: “The Sky Museum trip sheds light again on Al-Ula as a living museum and sheds lights again on the importance of archeological works that we are doing in Al-Ula, which we believe is the biggest archeological work in the world nowadays.
The Assistant Director General for Communications at SAUDIA, Khaled bin Abdulgader Tash, stressed that the Sky Museum is aimed at further enhancing cooperation with Al-Ula commission to showcase the rich heritage of Al-Ula and promote it as an international tourist destination.

Last Modified Date: 01/11/2021 - 12:15 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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