Visitors praise Kingdom's efforts in serving the Prophet’s Holy Mosque

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Published 2 May 2021
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Visitors praise Kingdom's efforts in serving the Prophet’s Holy Mosque

Saudi Arabia has done and continues to exert remarkable efforts in the service of the Prophet’s Holy Mosque and its visitors arriving from around the world, the visitors of the mosque said in statements to the Saudi Press agency.
They expressed their appreciation for the warm reception and treatment they receive from Saudi officials and citizens upon their arrival, noting that this reflects the Saudi leadership’s wise management and they concern with ensuring that the visitors perform their rituals in the Prophet’s mosque with ease and comfort while at the same time adhering to health measures.
Riyadh Abdulhamid, an Iraqi citizen, said it was for Saudi distinguished services and efforts at the mosque that made him perform the rituals in an atmosphere full of tranquility and spirituality.
For their part, Shatha al-Alem from Libya and Hayat al-Quraishi, from Iraq, commended KSA’s preventive measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, adding that these efforts reflect the Kingdom’s keenness to preserve and protect the visitors’ health, praying to the Allah Almighty to protect the Islamic nation.
Meanwhile, Ayman Khaled from Libya also praised the mega projects, great services, and efforts made by the Kingdom's government to facilitate the performance of Umrah and the visits in safety and security in accordance with relevant health protocols.
Mohammad Abdul Wahab al-Jalidi, a Libyan citizen, said “from the minute I arrived in this country, I was impressed by great facilities and services that enabled us to perform the rituals in the best conditions in terms of organization and procedures for entering the Kingdom.

Last Modified Date: 02/05/2021 - 9:09 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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