NEOM Launches Regreening Initiative for Planting 100 Million Trees

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Published 30 May 2022
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NEOM Launches Regreening Initiative for Planting 100 Million Trees

NEOM, the sustainable regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia, has launched its very own regreening initiative in collaboration with the National Center for Vegetation Cover and Combating Desertification. As part of its program to rehabilitate at least 1.5 million hectares of land, NEOM’s initiative will see the return of 100 million native trees, shrubs and grasses by 2030 to aid the restoration of degraded land and repair of wildlife habitats.
The NEOM Regreening Initiative was announced at the International Exhibition & Forum for Afforestation Technologies in Riyadh, organized by National Center for the Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification and MEWA. The event aims to support Saudi Vision 2030, the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative, launched by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with a focus on protecting and sustaining vegetation cover, rehabilitating degraded sites and achieving sustainable management in pastures and national parks.
Chief Executive Officer of NEOM Nadhmi Al-Nasr, said: "Protecting the natural landscape and ensuring the coexistence of human and natural habitats is integral to NEOM’s vision. By launching the NEOM Regreening Initiative in collaboration with MEWA, we are well underway to becoming a leading contributor to the conservation and preservation of one of the world's outstanding natural environments.”
Dr. Khaled Alabulqader, CEO of the National Center for Vegetation Cover and Combating Desertification, said: “The great support of HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for environmental protection and the development of vegetation cover is reflected in launching major projects, including the large-scale Saudi Green Initiative with initial investment of over SAR 700 billion, and regional greening project, the Middle East Green Initiative. Supporting the Kingdom’s development plans and economic diversification, the Saudi Green Initiative aims to contribute to building a green economy and reaching carbon neutrality by 2060. The new initiative launched by NEOM will have a great impact in supporting efforts aimed at protecting the environment, promoting nature and ensuring its sustainability, and directly contributing to the objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative."
On a global scale, ecosystem degradation is causing unprecedented biodiversity losses. Carbon emissions, meanwhile, are exacerbating climate change, and natural capital is depleting as economies progress. The launch of the NEOM Regreening Initiative will provide the landscape of opportunity needed to develop and scale up innovations to tackle the problems that the planet is facing. Through pioneering research partnerships, pilot technologies and innovations, NEOM is accelerating its efforts to repair the planet for current and future generations. NEOM is pioneering transformative experiences that reconcile the partnership between humanity and nature by establishing a world-class protected area and conserving 95% of its region. NEOM will make globally significant contributions to nature conservation through the implementation of science-based protection, restoration and rewilding programs. NEOM is a living laboratory that will inspire an evolutionary chapter in planetary regeneration and conservation.
NEOM is participating in the International Exhibition & Forum for Afforestation Technologies as the main sponsor, as part of its efforts to provide sustainable solutions to the most pressing global environmental challenges and aid the Kingdom in delivering its 10-billion-tree-planting initiative, Saudi Green. A dedicated NEOM exhibition booth is situated at the heart of the event, offering an attractive platform for exchanging information about the NEOM Regreening Initiative and highlighting NEOM’s commitment to providing pioneering sustainable solutions to tackle global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

Last Modified Date: 02/06/2022 - 12:38 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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