Global Orchestra Embraces Historical Jeddah Buildings in Jeddah Season

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Published 31 May 2022
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Global Orchestra Embraces Historical Jeddah Buildings in Jeddah Season

The historical Jeddah combined between the long past and authenticity of the presence and showed its visitors the deep-rooted history that combines culture, art and entertainment, and refreshes memories when visitors tour its old popular alleys.
The historical Jeddah is characterized by a unique cultural, historical and tourist reserve that the organizing committee of Jeddah Season utilized to showcase them and benefit from them to provide a model for a tourist site with rich historical value that combines heritage, culture and history with tourism and entertainment, making visitors find themselves in a unique diversity of choices and locations.
The historical Jeddah daily receives visitors and tourists to explore the richness of this area and its history, in addition to enjoying the best times within its prestigious buildings and try its distinguished popular food and check on shows and arts displayed there.
One of the buildings of the deep-rooted area has witnessed holding a Vertical Orchestra show in a way that stimulates solo playing of music in its buildings through balconies, where a group of musicians play orchestra pieces from the Saudi, Gulf and Arab heritage and other international pieces.

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