Interior Ministry Announces Additional Health Precautionary Measures

Published 2 Jul 2020
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Interior Ministry Announces Additional Health Precautionary Measures

Riyadh, SPA:
An official source at the Ministry of Interior stated that further to the precautionary measures' protocols for the sectors announced on 6th of June 2020, the Ministry of Interior announces the appendix of precautionary measures "protocols", in addition to the modified measures for the approved health protocols which are required for resuming normal life so as to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.
The source said that the additional and modified precautionary protocols that can be found through the following link: include the following:
First: Appendix of Additional Protocols:
1. Driving schools protocols.
2. Educational institutes protocols.
3. Men and women sewing shops and workshops protocols.
4. Funerals protocols.
5. Wedding halls and rest houses protocols.
6. Nursery and Kindergarten centers protocols.
Second: Modified Protocols
1. Mosque protocols.
2. Barber shop protocols.
3. Beauty salons protocols.
4. Domestic and international aviation protocols.
5. Jazan and Farasan ferry protocols for passenger and cargo transport.
6. Protocols for wholesale and retail trade stores, malls and commercial centers.
7. Taxi and shared transport protocols.
8. Restaurants and cafes protocols.
9. Trains.
10. Protocols regarding sports activities in sports centers and halls as well as sports training, stadiums and sports competitions.
11. Outdoor entertainment venues protocols.
12. Protocols for marine cruises and activities.
13. Sports halls and centers protocols.
The Ministry of Interior calls on all citizens, residents and the to apply these procedures and abide by their essential provisions for the prevention of the novel coronavirus, especially the practice of safe social distancing and wearing of masks for the safety of all.

Last Modified Date: 13/08/2020 - 7:06 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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