Emerging Technologies and Cyber Resilience on G20 Table

Published 3 Feb 2020
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Emerging Technologies and Cyber Resilience on G20 Table

Riyadh, SPA:
Emerging and current technology trends were the focus of the discussions at the first G20 Digital Economy Task Force (DETF) meeting held this week in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The meeting addressed a range of topics in line with the G20 aims to empower people and shape new frontiers. The two-day meeting also highlighted topics addressed under previous G20 presidencies.
G20 delegates explored opportunities to shape the positive impact and potential of digital transformation, as well as pressing challenges and risks that require global cooperation.
As one of the most transformative emerging technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming how people interact and increasingly affecting a vast range of industries.
Therefore, the Saudi G20 Presidency continues the discussions on AI as part of the 2020 agenda.
The rapid increase in the digitalization of economic and social activity has resulted in an unprecedented expansion of data collection, usage, and transfer. The DETF, therefore, looked at how to improve cross-border data flows and lower barriers.
Discussions on smart cities focused on shaping the future of technology applications in urban centers and smart mobility.
G20 members also tackled ways to advance measurement approaches of the digital economy which would enhance evidence-based policymaking.
The DETF also discussed cybersecurity aimed at improving the resilience of global economic systems and addressed growing global concerns including economic losses from cyberattacks.
For the last day of activities, delegates will join an expert audience for the G20 Cybersecurity Dialogue. The event is organized to extend the discussions on cybersecurity challenges to business leaders, academics and civil society representatives to shape an inclusive debate on the matter.
The second DETF meeting will take place in early April 2020.
Further information about the G20, including the Presidency Agenda and full program of events, can be found at

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