Global Achievements Reflect Success of E-Education System in Saudi Arabia

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Published 3 Jan 2023
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Global Achievements Reflect Success of E-Education System in Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, SPA: The efforts of the Ministry of Education have contributed to building an integrated e-education system, using and utilizing modern technologies and developing digital solutions and educational strategies, which made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia realize global educational achievements that can compete globally in the field of e-education in light of the unlimited support of the wise leadership to develop education, in accordance with the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030.
The Ministry supported e-education in response to the requirements of sustainable digital development and the variables of the age and its future challenges.
The Saudi model of remote and e-education has received numerous international tributes, most recently by UNESCO's e-education governance achievements through its book "Guides of ICT in Education Policies and Master Plans", which considered the National E-learning Centre an example to be followed internationally in developing quality control and assurance mechanisms to ensure the quality of digital solutions offered in e-education, such as digital platforms, and electronic educational resources and courses, which conform to the ministry's products provided for e-education.
Also, a World Bank study entitled "Saudi Arabia's Digital and Distance Education: Experiences from the COVID-19 Pandemic and Opportunities for Educational Improvement," praised the e-education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to UNESCO's documentation of Saudi Arabia's experience in distance education and its response to the pandemic in four global practices besides Republic of Korea, China, and Finland. UNICEF and the World Bank also considered "Madrasati Platform" as one of the largest learning platforms implemented in the Arab world.
The Ministry of Education's e-education and distance education system relies on several educational platforms and solutions, primarily "Madrasati Platform", which is an international model in e-education management, in addition to "Rawdati" platform and application and "Virtual Kindergarten" application, targeting 3-6 year old children, as well as Ain 24 educational channels that broadcast through the satellite and YouTube, supported by sign language for all educational stages 24 hours, in addition to enhancing students' digital skills through a competition "Madrasati Tubarmij", in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rose to the ninth rank in the classification of the organization ( for 2021.
The ministry has also boosted the digital transformation of education through implementing the Flexible Learning Pathways Initiative to enhance the vocational skills of education through the national e-learning platform FutureX in partnership with the global platforms Coursera, Edx, Udacity and Future Learn. The initiative provides beneficiaries with access to more than 10,000 professional courses, programs and certificates, provided by more than 300 leading universities and companies around the world.

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