First plantation of retinal prosthetic for the blind

Published 4 Feb 2013
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First plantation of retinal prosthetic for the blind

Riyadh - SPA


King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital successfully planted a retinal prosthetic device for the blind, the first  in the Middle East. The device will help patients who suffer from pigment retinitis  and functional retinopathy.


The Executive General Manager of King Khalid Eye Specialist Dr. Abdul Ilah Ibn Abbad Tuwairqi said that " retinal prosthetic device" is a big qualitative leap in the field of ophthalmology". The device is approved by the European Economic Organization.

He added that the device consists of external parts including a camera installed in the patient's eye glasses and image processing unit, and wiring in addition to a data chip installed inside the eye so that the camera sends visual data to the image processing unit. Following processing, they will be sent to the censor center.  Then to the data chip that is planted inside the eye. Thus the retinal prosthetic is an alternative vision device. The retinal prosthetic device avoids damaged light receptors  The mini-camera installed in the patient’s glasses takes pictures and send them to a small computer (image processing unit) the patient always carry. Following  processing, the images are converted into signals that will be re-transmitted to the chip that is planted inside the eye. The signals will be sent to the electrical system that sends the micro electrical signals and ignores damaged light receptors  Stimulated remaining cells of the retina transmit visual information via the optic nerve to the center of vision. The patient can learn how to translate these images through rehabilitation programs that lead to improved vision.

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