Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, largest of its kind in the world

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Published 4 Oct 2021
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Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, largest of its kind in the world

The Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition opened its doors to visitors at the headquarters of the Saudi Falcon Club in Mulham (north of Riyadh), which will run until October 10.
The official spokesman for the Saudi Falcons Club, Walid Al-Taweel, said the exhibition aims to preserve the Saudi culture and heritage of raising different types of falcons, as well as the hobby of hunting, and pass it on to future generations.
Al-Taweel added that the exhibition represents the first platform in the Kingdom that attracts companies and individuals to display and sell hunting weapons, equipment, and falcons, and is considered the largest of its kind in the Kingdom and the region.
In its third edition this year, the exhibition will host major local and international companies specialized in the manufacture of hunting weapons, which will be offered for sale for visitors; provided that the buyer obtains a license for weapons from the Ministry of Interior. Moreover, the visitors can also buy weapons and ammunition, and apply for a license to carry or acquire a weapon license.
Leading hunting weapons manufacturing companies are participating in the exhibition, offering pistols, sniper weapons, shotguns, hunting rifles, semi-automatic rifles, as well as the best products and equipment pertinent to hunting and falconry. The event also includes an arts sector where 29 elite artists and talented craftsmen from 10 countries will participate to display their paintings and creative models.
The exhibition is the largest of its kind in the world, scheduled to accommodate pavilions for hunting guns, different kinds of falcons, arts and family interaction, shooting ranges, the Saudi village, and a corner for the future falconer, in addition to a digital museum, and many surprises and accompanying events that will be present in the third edition of the exhibition.

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