Saudi Aramco Signs Memorandum of Understanding with KAUST to Establish AI Excellence Center

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Published 6 Apr 2022
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Saudi Aramco Signs Memorandum of Understanding with KAUST to Establish AI Excellence Center

Saudi Aramco has signed a memorandum of understanding with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to establish a new excellence center at the university’s headquarters, with the aim of supporting efforts of research, development and spreading and marketing advanced artificial intelligence technologies, through addressing impacts of works at Saudi Aramco at the sustainable institutional level instead of individual projects.
The memorandum of understanding was signed at the university headquarters in Thuwal by Saudi Aramco's Vice President of Digital Transformation Nabil Al-Nuaim and Vice President for Research at KAUST Dr. Donal Bradley.
Al-Nuaim said: “Saudi Aramco has made steps to accelerate the growth of artificial intelligence, push forward the digital transformation and adopt artificial intelligence, where the AI excellence center combines leading innovations of digital transformation adopted by Saudi Aramco and the globally accredited academic excellence at KAUST, where this unique opportunity provides a system based on research inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the industry leaders, academic decision makers and international partners to meet and exchange and transfer knowledge to develop AI solutions and spread and market them globally to create a sustainable research environment in this field.”
For his part, Dr. Bradley commented on this occasion saying: “The new excellence center will provide a joint framework for working with Saudi Aramco in a close way to develop proper and quick solutions for the needs of the energy sector, among other relevant sectors, in addition to training the cadres necessary to improve the development pace in this vital and important sector; and we at KAUST look forward for this center to contribute to deepening our strategic partnership with Saudi Aramco and to provide the basic inputs necessary to realize the ambitions of the Saudi Vision 2030.”
Under the memo, the new AI excellence center seeks to develop research skills, improve products and commercial marketing and entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through creating unique opportunities for research and advanced development of AI, based on globally distinguished data groups, where the center also seeks to be an advanced model in the research development system in the field of AI in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The center also seeks to benefit from the latest AI technologies, putting Saudi Aramco and KAUST as global leaders in this field through establishing an AI platform for the researchers of the university and company to exchange knowledge, incubate technologies, and increase their contributions and influence at the global level.

Last Modified Date: 07/04/2022 - 9:56 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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