X Jeddah Festival Offers Unique Experience

Published 7 Jul 2019
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X Jeddah Festival Offers Unique Experience

Riyadh, SPA:
The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) continues to host ‘X Jeddah’ festival on the Waterfront within the ‘Jeddah Season’ until July 18.
The festival spans across seven central locations in different areas of the seaside and includes fun activities for all visitors, families and individuals alike. X Jed comprises a variety of free multicultural activities and events vibrant with musical performances, performing arts, comedy segments and virtual reality games, in addition to shopping areas, cafes and exceptional dining experiences.
The offerings are held throughout the day, and guests can especially enjoy worldwide touring shows, all along the Waterfront from 5 pm till midnight.
For theater lovers, X Jed is offering a variety of exciting plays starring a host of Saudi and Gulf artists. The theater also offers stand-up comedy shows by a group of Saudi youth, as well as ‘Love Factory’ shows, and magic shows by the ‘Laughter Factory.’
The Marina Area will host multicultural musical, and dance performances, including Colombian and African bands, and drums and percussion shows accompanied by lighting and laser displays, and other shows garnered from different places around the world.
Interactive entertainment is also offered in X Jed with the Spanish Fun Carnival, inspired by the Carnival held in the Spanish city of Valencia every year to celebrate spring. Visitors will watch a fireworks show, giant puppets, and exquisite art that will dazzle the audience by its cultural depth and portrayal of the Saudi heritage.
The Carnival also offers several different cultural shows weekly, including Spanish, African, Chinese, American and Indian.
Moreover, the Carnival includes a variety of fun activities and games, where a tent is designated for video game enthusiasts. Also, an area is dedicated to exciting activities including flying in the air tunnel, the thrilling bungee jumping experience, a strongman competition, and a monster-slaying ride in the House of Terror with its Saudi-made designs.
The Carnival also includes a zoo with many species of exotic animals and birds including toucan birds, parrots, flamingo, and giant tortoises.
Among X Jed’s numerous features is the fully-prepared venue specially designed to cater to the visitors’ needs through accommodating several shops, booths, and cafes in the ‘X-Mall,’ a closed and air-conditioned lounge designed in huge cargo containers to go with the fun surrounding.
Additionally, X Jed takes into account diverse food tastes and is, therefore, hosting several fine dining restaurants serving international and varied cuisine, as well as many food carts that allow young Saudis to exhibit their skills at preparing a variety of food and beverages.

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