Severe penalties for any citizens, expatriates supporting, showing loyalty to so-called Hezbollah

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Published 14 Mar 2016
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Severe penalties for any citizens, expatriates supporting, showing loyalty to so-called Hezbollah


Riyadh,  SPA :

 A statement by the Ministry of Interior reads as follow:


 An official source at the Ministry Interior said:


 "Referring to the decision of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), that designated (Hezbollah) militias and all its leaders, factions and organizations affiliated and emanating from it as a terrorist organization and that the GCC states will take the necessary measures to implement this decision based on the applicable anti-terrorism laws in the GCC countries, and similar international laws;"


 "Referring to the declaration by the Arab Interior Ministers Council (Tunis Declaration), issued at the conclusion of its 33rd session held on Wednesday, 22/5/1437 H corresponding to 02/03/2016 AD, which included its condemnation of the dangerous practices and activities carried out by this party to destabilize the security and peace of societies of some Arab countries;"


 "Referring to the statement that has already been issued by the ministry dated 05/16/1435 H based on the Royal Order No. A / 44 dated 03/04/1435 H about terrorist groups, organizations, movements and parties and sanctions to be applied to persons belonging to the party, supporters or sympathizers, and the warnings of the statement of the ministry to any Saudi citizens or expatriates against any support for any of those organizations, groups, movements or parties, and that any violators in any way will be held accountable for all their excesses; and"


 "Accordingly, the Ministry of Interior confirms that any citizens or expatriates who endorse, show loyalty to the so-called Hezbollah, sympathize with it, promote it, donate to it, communicate with it or house or cover those who belong to it will be subjected to the severe penalties stated in the regulations and orders, including the regulation on crimes of terrorism and its financing, in addition to the deportation of any expatriates found guilty of such actions..."


Last Modified Date: 14/03/2016 - 6:52 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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