Experience of Saudi Arabia’s “Digital Certification” demonstrated in Oman and Tunisia

Published 12 Oct 2014
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Experience of Saudi Arabia’s “Digital Certification” demonstrated in Oman and Tunisia
Riyadh, eMedia:
Experience of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the area of “Digital Certification” was lately demonstrated in a presentation delivered by Dr. Fahd Bin Abdullah Al-Howaimany, Director of the National Center for Digital Certification (NCDC). This came within The 2nd e-Commerce International Conference that was held in Oman during 21 and 22, Sept., 2014 under the title: “Electronic Authentication Towards Digital World”.
The presentation included general information about Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in Saud Arabia that is executed by NCDC. An introduction about this technology and how it works was also delivered in addition to illustrating e-Government in Saudi Arabia. In the same regard, the presentation showed the role of NCDC throwing light on types of certificates issued and how government agencies can utilize such certificates.
The conference concluded with the necessity of establishing specialized jurisdiction to promptly finalize any disputes arising in e-Commerce.
On the other hand, a similar presentation on Digital Certification in KSA was delivered by Eng. Abdullah Bin Faihan Al-Qahtani, Business Development Director in NCDC, during the 4th Arab Forum on e-Transactions Security & Public Key Infrastructure.
That Forum was held In Tunisia by the Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization in cooperation with the African Telecommunications Union in 22nd of Sept. 2014.
It was attended by international experts who discussed ways to overcome challenges of e-Transactions.

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