Saudi Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Urges Including, Protecting Environment in All Development Activities

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Published 13 Jan 2022
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Saudi Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Urges Including, Protecting Environment in All Development Activities

Saudi Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Fadley highlighted the importance of including and protecting the environment in all development activities so as to realize sustainable development with all its economic, social and environmental aspects, considering the mining sector as one of the development pillars, which provides necessary material for the industry and urban development.
During his keynote address at the Future Minerals Forum, he said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, following directives from the wise leadership, has placed much attention to protecting the environment and natural resources, where the Saudi Vision 2030 called for protecting the environment and natural resources as part of our religion, morals and humanity, our responsibility towards future generations, and basic elements of the quality of life.”
Eng. Al-Fadley also noted that the National Environment Strategy aims at enhancing the institutional framework for protecting the environment and modernizing environment systems, especially that the environment bylaw was restructured, as well as the establishment of an environment fund and five environmental specialized centers.
He added that the environment, meteorology, and waste management bylaws were adopted with showing the responsibilities of stakeholders to enhance environmental commitment and serving meteorology, and benefiting from all types of wastes.
Eng. Al-Fadley also said: “The announcement of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of launching the Saudi Green and Middle East Green Initiatives is a proof of interest of the wise leadership in protecting the environment, and highlights the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leading role at the regional and international levels in mobilizing efforts to face environmental challenges."
He also said that the countries that are committed to preserving the environment enjoy a prosperous environment and strong economic growth, noting that enhancing the protection of the environment has become an important demand to attract investment, where international banks stipulate environment protection as a main condition to finance development projects.
The minister added that protecting the environment, reducing pollution, protecting land and sea ecosystems are a major development pillar to sustain the national and international economy, realize aspirations to enhance sustainable development with its economic, social and environment aspects, and guarantee a sustainable and healthier future for the next generations.

Last Modified Date: 13/01/2022 - 1:00 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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