NEOM CEO: NEOM Has A Strict Strategy to Secure Data and Information

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Published 10 Nov 2022
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NEOM CEO: NEOM Has A Strict Strategy to Secure Data and Information

Riyadh, SPA:
The CEO of NEOM, Eng. Nazmi Al-Nasr, confirmed that more than 30,000 employees in NEOM are subject to a strict information and data security strategy, based on the paramount importance of cybersecurity.
During his participation here today, in a session entitled "Securing Infrastructure and Vitality" within the sessions of the International Cyber Security Forum, organized by the National Cyber Security Authority, Eng. Al-Nasr spoke about the impact of the Corona pandemic and its impact on cybersecurity and the various and dangerous threats to information systems facing societies, which revealed many points of gaps in the areas of cybersecurity, the most important of which is the infrastructure that provides a vital and secure environment, technically and informationally, to ensure its resilience against any electronic attacks.
He noted the aspiration of the NEOM community to be a safe society against all cyber-attacks, and its quest to attract everything that contributes to the protection of information security, and to build a comprehensive and advanced structural system that keeps pace with the aspirations of the city of NEOM and its reliance on artificial intelligence in all fields.
Eng. Al-Nasr called for developing new and innovative ways to confront cyber-attack escalations and discover weaknesses and address them quickly, stressing that they are in NEOM passionate and constantly looking forward to everything new issued in enhancing protection against cyber-attacks, and contributing to finding and providing technical security solutions that give a great experience for residents and visitors of the NEOM community, and access to the best safe environment for users of its technologies and systems, in an orderly, efficient, secure and renewable manner, and to maximize the use of them.
"All of this is done according to global technical standards and indicators in addressing cyber-attacks that threaten systems and information that are in the service of societies", he said.
At the conclusion of his participation in the session, Eng. Al-Nasr stressed the importance of the international community coming together to stand and firmly respond to all cyber-attacks and work to develop information systems on an ongoing basis, noting the infrastructure of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has made great progress in the field of cybersecurity, and drew the world’s attention to it for what it offers and shares from information and technical systems that contributed to finding solutions and innovations that helped develop cybersecurity.

Last Modified Date: 13/11/2022 - 7:31 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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