HRH Crown Prince's Great Project Brings 1400-Year-Old Jarir Al-Bajali Mosque in Taif to Life

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Published 14 Apr 2021
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HRH Crown Prince's Great Project Brings 1400-Year-Old Jarir Al-Bajali Mosque in Taif to Life

The historical Jarir Al-Bajali mosque is located in the Haddad Bani Malik center, south of the Taif governorate in Makkah region and is one of the oldest historical mosques in the region. Named after the Prophet’s companion, Jarir Al-Bajali, it is part of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad bin Salman's great project to restore and renovate the historical mosques in the Kingdom. Five times prayers are held in this mosque now amongst 30 mosques in 10 different regions.
The historical significance of Al-Bajali Mosque, which was founded 1400 years ago, comes from its connection to the great companion Jarir bin Abdullah Al-Bajali who embraced Islam together with his people in Ramadan in the 10th year of Hijrah.
The grave of the companion Jarir is located next to the mosque behind the prayer house, in Al-Qudah village of Haddad Bani Malik center, 100 km south of Taif. It is constructed in the Al-Sarat architectural style using irregular stones and has a roof of Juniper branches and concrete. It has an area of 350 square meters, and can accommodate about 130 worshipers, noting that its capacity before the start of the project was zero.
The mosque consists of a prayer house with its ceiling is supported by round wooden pillars, a prayer room for women, a chamber that was used in olden times to host travelers and an ablution area with a water reservoir, in addition to a square-shaped minaret of stone. A cylindrical minaret with a height of about 11.26m was recently added to the structure.
After the recent restoration of the historical Al-Bajali mosque, it now includes a room for Imam, a prayer house on the eastern side and another on the western side, a water tank, a warehouse, ablution places (old and new), and a cemetery.

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