KSA Condemns Israel's Continued Violation of International Law and Norms and Humanitarian Principles

Published 14 Nov 2019
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KSA Condemns Israel's Continued Violation of International Law and Norms and Humanitarian Principles

New York, SPA:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has condemned the ongoing events in Gaza, and Israel's continued violation of international law, international norms and humanitarian principles through Israeli air strikes on residential areas of Gaza, resulting in the death and injury of dozens of civilians.
This came in the speech of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, delivered by its Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Muallimi, on behalf of the Arab Group before the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee) held on the item on the report of the special committee to investigate Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the occupied territories.
Al-Muallimi said that these crimes, which are now committed at the time of this review, by the Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinian civilians and the Palestinian people, illustrate the magnitude of these Israeli violations and illustrate Israel's practices that pay no attention to any element of international law or general principles in international relations.
Al-Muallimi pointed out that the Arab countries affirm that the Palestinian issue and the rights of the Palestinian people to achieve their legitimate rights are one of the main constants and principles of the Arab nation.
The Kingdom's Permanent Representative to UN said that all international conventions and resolutions have recognized that Al-Quds is a fundamental issue for the peaceful and just solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, pointing out the UN resolutions affirmed that every action taken by Israel towards the city of Al-Quds, including the decision to annex or control its future and fate, or work to evacuate Palestinian citizens from it, or build settlements on its territory, or declare it a capital for Israel or the recognition of this declaration, all these actions are invalid and unfounded and are not based on the grounds of law, custom or morality.
At the end of the speech, he called on the international community, in particular the Security Council, to shoulder its responsibilities in resolving the Israeli policies violating international law.

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