AFC Delegation Begins Field Tours of Saudi 2027 File's Facilities in Riyadh City

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Published 14 Nov 2021
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AFC Delegation Begins Field Tours of Saudi 2027 File's Facilities in Riyadh City

Asian Football Confederation (AFC)'s delegation yesterday, Saturday opened its field tours in Riyadh by visiting the facilities of the Saudi 2027 File, as part of its visit to the Kingdom to inspect the plans and readiness of its bid to host 2027 Asian Cup finals.
King Fahd International Stadium was at the forefront of the facilities visited by the AFC delegation, accompanied by the Vice President of the Saudi 2027 file, Yasser Al-Meshel and two members of the file supervisory committee, Addwa Al-Arefi and Thamer Basnell, as well as the executive director of the file Ibrahim Al-Qasim, in addition to two famous former members of the Saudi national team “Saleh Al-Naima and Majed Abdullah”.
The file team presented an explanation of King Fahd International Stadium and its renovation plan by increasing its capacity from 58,398 to 80,000 fans, and adding new facilities that give fans and teams an ideal experience on match day.
Mrsool Park Stadium was the second stop in the tour of the AFC delegation which was briefed on the modern and advanced facilities of the stadium, which was opened in 2015 and accommodates 25,000 fans, who were able to enjoy several international sports tournaments that were held on it.
During its program today, the AFC delegation was also briefed on the security system in the Kingdom, specifically with regard to crowd management during sports competitions, by visiting the 911 emergency center, where the file team provided an integrated explanation of the Kingdom's security plans during the tournament if the file wins hosting 2027 Asian Cup finals.
At Mahd Sports Academy, which is the largest national sports project for the manufacture of champions, the officials of the academy briefed the AFC delegation on the vision and strategy of “Mahd”, by building a new national sports generation that contributes to the growth of sports in general, and football in particular, as the Kingdom makes the development of juniors and youth in various fields, as one of its priorities towards achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
The program of the second day of AFC delegation witnessed an inspection visit of the plans of Saudi 2027 file, with regard to hospitality and hotel services for all parties to the tournament, including "official delegations, national teams, media, and fans", as the Kingdom has been witnessing in recent years a remarkable growth and development in this aspect.
The AFC delegation concluded its second day by visiting the “Historical Diriyah”, which is the home of the first Saudi state and a historical and cultural landmark for tourists from all over the world. It was named to be one of the landmarks that will host the official and side events of the Asian Cup in the “Saudi 2027” file.
The AFC delegation will continue to visit the rest of the sites scheduled in Riyadh today, Sunday before heading to Dammam with the team of “Saudi 2027” file to go on in its tour, which will be concluded Wednesday by visiting Jeddah.

Last Modified Date: 14/11/2021 - 9:14 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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