Three programs for transition to the Knowledge Community

Published 14 Dec 2014
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Three programs for transition to the Knowledge Community

Makka, e-Meida

In an interview with "Madina" daily, Dr. Al-Jassir, Minister of Economy & Planning confirmed that his ministry developed and submitted, for approval by higher authorities, a strategy for transition to the Knowledge Community and knowledge based economy. More than at anytime in the history of mankind, growth in this type of economy depends on knowledge creation and investment.

The Action Plan is composed of three types of programs: 1- Sectional programs for tackling of economic issues and enhancement of the performance of various economic sectors in order to direct the economy towards knowledge based economy. 2- Detailed studies that generate work programs for tackling of long term microeconomics structural problems 3- National agenda for future research that will be conducted  upon commencement of the strategy in order to boost long term enterprise reforms.

Last Modified Date: 14/12/2014 - 10:40 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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