20 Days Remaining until Launch of Rally Dakar Saudi Arabia 2022

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Published 13 Dec 2021
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20 Days Remaining until Launch of Rally Dakar Saudi Arabia 2022

The third edition of the Dakar Saudi Arabia 2022 has entered the final stages of preparation for the launch of the biggest challenges in the motorsports and the most prestigious rally after 20 days in the desert of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the new homeland for the motorsport.
The biggest rally in terms of the number of participants will be held between January 1 and 14, 2022, with the participation of around 1,000 racers from 70 countries, during which participants will go through a challenge of their capabilities to bear the toughest experiences in the motorsports. Racers will have to drive their vehicles in the desert of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its tough terrains for a total distance of about 8,375 kilometers.
The Saudi Motorsport Company, the promoting side for the Dakar Saudi Arabia 2022, which works under the umbrella of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation and Amaury Sport Organization, had earlier announced the route of the race, which is considered at the same levels of excitement and thrill of the previous two editions.
This year’s route will include one prologue stage and 12 ordinary stages that will include one day for rest in Riyadh on January 8. The racers start their journey with a prologue stage from Jeddah to Hail on January 1, with January 2 marking the actual launch of the race from Hail through AlArtawiya, AlQaysumah and Riyadh, then AlDawadimi, Wadi Ad Dawasir, Bisha and Jeddah.
The route will also include one marathon stage requiring dealing with the race in a strategic way, high thinking and high physical fitness, where racers will not be able to ask assistance from help vehicles, team members or any helping crews, where all types of external help are considered totally prohibited.

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