"Monshaat" Participates in International Exhibition to Enable Saudi Brands to Expand and Spread Globally

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Published 15 Nov 2021
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"Monshaat" Participates in International Exhibition to Enable Saudi Brands to Expand and Spread Globally

The General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises "Monshaat" represented by the Commercial Franchise Center (Emtiyaz) is participating in the exhibition and the International Franchise Forum, launched in Dubai today and will last for two days, offering the opportunity for ten Saudi brands to take part in this event and support their franchise brands and advance their expansion regionally and globally.
Emtiyaz is tasked with supporting and empowering local brands by providing several solutions and services to franchisors and owners, and spreading the culture of commercial franchise by building the capacities of workers and practitioners in the sector, where the empowerment of brands comes as part of a development plan aimed at supporting the expansion of distinguished Saudi brands.
It also aims to attract distinguished international brands in promising sectors with priority to work as per a franchise model, motivate the main franchisees of international brands in the Kingdom by granting partial franchises, as well as motivating entrepreneurs to obtain it due to its low risks and increased chances of success compared to establishing a new project, and facilitating access to financing for Brands and franchisees owners.
The Center provides an online platform that displays local and international donor brands to connect them with investors and provides educational and awareness materials on the commercial franchise system and contracts, and draft contracts in several different sectors, in addition to providing a registry service through which commercial franchise contracts are electronically documented.

Last Modified Date: 16/11/2021 - 7:08 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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