Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session

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Published 17 Jan 2017
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Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session

Riyadh, SPA:
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud chaired the Cabinet's session at Al-Yamamah Palace in Riyadh on Monday afternoon.

At the outset of the session, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques briefed the Cabinet on the outcomes of his talks with King Felipe VI of Kingdom of Spain, President General Michel Aoun of Republic of Lebanon, and his meetings with Mufti of Republic of Lebanon Sheikh Abdullatif Derian, and Speaker of Canadian Senate George J. Furey.
The Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Adel bin Zaid Altoraifi said in a statement to Saudi Press Agency following the session that the Cabinet expressed its congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques on the occasion of his selection for winning King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam this year in recognition of his care and service to the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors, attention to the Prophet's biography, support for the project of Historical Atlas for the Prophet's Life, and constant quest to unify the ranks of Arabs and Muslims to confront the difficult conditions being witnessed by Arab and Islamic nations.

Then, the Cabinet was briefed on a number of reports on the developments of events at regional, Arab and international arenas, commending the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's hosting of the Global Conference to promote efforts of Islamic and friendly countries to defeat "Daesh" terrorist organization in Riyadh with the participation of 13 countries from the countries participating in the Global Military Coalition to Counter Daesh terrorist organization as an embodiment of the Kingdom's commitment to continuing its support for all international efforts to counter terrorist organizations and its strong and firm determination to continue its ongoing efforts to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, hailing the final communiqué issued by the Conference and what has been agreed upon by the participants on the need to continue efforts being exerted to demolish Daesh terrorist organization as it represents a danger threatening the region and the international community as a whole.

Minister Dr. Altoraifi said that the Cabinet renewed the Kingdom's strong condemnation and denunciation of terrorist acts that have taken place in a number of Afghan cities which led to killing and injuring dozens of people including the death of five citizens from the United Arab Emirates, stressing that these heinous terrorist acts are contrary to Islamic values, expressing condolences and sympathy to the governments and peoples of Republic of Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and the families of the victims, wishing the injured a speedy recovery.
The Cabinet also discussed the outcome of the International Conference for Peace in the Middle East concluded its activities in Paris yesterday, reiterating again the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's fundamentals towards the Palestinian issue and that the two-state solution and United Nations Security Council's relevant resolutions are the only basis for resolving the conflict which was adopted by Arab Peace Initiative and has received the support of the international community.

The Cabinet discussed a number of issues pertaining to the domestic affairs, commending the announcement by the Ministry of Housing for launching the first batches of My House Program including 280,000 residential and funding products for the allocation and delivery in all regions of the Kingdom and 120,000 housing units in diverse areas in partnership with the private sector according to the income criteria and the number of family's members, and they will be allocated during the current year as of next month to be handed within maximum of three years, in addition to 75,000 residential lands ready for construction as well as 85,000 funding support with costs subsided by the State in partnership between Real Estate Development Fund, Banks and Financial Institutions.

Minister Dr. Altoraifi noted that the Cabinet was briefed on subjects on its agenda and decided the following:

The Cabinet approved an agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Tajikistan in the field of air transport services, signed in Riyadh on 23/03/1437 H (03/01/2016 G) . A royal decree has been prepared in this regard.

Second :
The Cabinet authorized Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, President of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage - or his deputy - to discuss with the Zambian side a draft memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of tourism between the Commission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Tourism and Arts of the Republic of Zambia, sign it and submit the final version to complete the legal procedures.

After reviewing the report submitted by Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, President of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage and reviewing the Shura Council's resolution No. (173/65) dated 29/02/1438 H (29/11/2016 G), the Cabinet approved a memorandum of understanding between the Commission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Department of Cultural Heritage of the People's Republic of China for cooperation and exchange of knowledge in the field of cultural heritage, signed in Riyadh on 09/04/1437 H (19/01/2016 G).
A royal decree has been prepared in this regard.

After reviewing the report submitted by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and after reviewing Shura Council's two resolutions No. (198/79) dated 24/02/1434 H (06/01/2013 G) and No. (13/9) dated 07/04/1436 H (27/01/2015 H), and after reviewing the recommendation prepared in the Economic Affairs and Development Council No. (13-41 / 37 / d) dated 04/11/1437 H (07/08/2016 G), the Cabinet decided the following:
1 - Approval of Regulation of Engineering Profession Practice .
2 - Engineers unregistered professionally - when this regulation coming into force - have to correct their statuses according to its provisions within (six) months from the date of its introduction, and Saudi Council of Engineers shall have the right to extend this period.
A royal decree has been prepared in this regard.

The Cabinet approved Arab Strategy for Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (2030), as a guidance, which was approved by the Resolution No. (662) issued by the 27th Arab Summit held in Nouakchott on 20/10/1437 H (24/07/2016 G).

The Cabinet approved an amendment to the organization of the Consumer Protection Society issued by the Cabinet's Resolution No. (120) dated 23/02/1436 H.

After reviewing the recommendation prepared in the Council of Economic Affairs and Development dated on 09/03/1438 AH, the Cabinet approved the final account of Saudi Fund for Development for the fiscal year (1435/1436 AH).

The Cabinet approved the addition of the penalty of defamation to the penalties in regulation to maintain water sources, regulation for protection of public utilities, and regulation for drainage water treatment and reuse.
The Cabinet was briefed on a number of topics on its agenda including the annual report of Education Evaluation Commission, the annual report of Saudi Ports Authority for a previous fiscal year, and the outcome of the 3rd meeting of Ministers Responsible for Islamic Affairs and Endowments of Gulf cooperation Council for Arab States and issued its directives in this regard.

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