KSA Affirms Going Forward in Supporting Women's Full Participation in Sustainable Development

Published 17 Mar 2019
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KSA Affirms Going Forward in Supporting Women's Full Participation in Sustainable Development

New York, SPA:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirmed its full belief that women are an important component of the power of society and therefore, they have been enjoyed a strong guarantee in the KSA'S laws and regulations, stressing the paramount importance of women's participation in the creation of vibrant economy.
The vision 2030 states that the country will continue to invest in women's energies and develop their talents through offering appropriate opportunities to build their future and contribute to society development.
This came in the KSA's speech delivered by the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, Dr. Hala Altwaijri, before the general debate of the High-level Meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the 63rd session of 2019 at United Nations.
Dr. Al Tuwaijri said that in the course of our discussions in this session, which focused on social protection systems, accessing to public services, sustainable infrastructure and the empowerment of women, the KSA's delegation would like to highlight its achievements in this field, as KSA's vision 2030 and its programs reflect the aspirations of KSA's ambitious leadership to promote the human being and working to ensure the future of generations by upgrading the efficiency of institutions to achieve the foundations of vision such as a vibrant society, a prosperous economy and an ambitious homeland, pointing to the vision initiatives to strengthen the role of women, through 36 strategic goals, supporting women empowerment and ensuring their easy access to services through building of a supportive infrastructure.
She explained that social protection system in the KSA includes of a number of programs for the labor market, social insurance programs and social safety net programs as the KSA is keen to provide social protection for its citizens equally, therefore, education and health services were equally available to all.
She added that KSA is keen on promoting the economic status of women by working to eliminate barriers facing them in the labor market, and through its endorsing of United Nations conventions and protocols in supporting of women's rights as well as its commitment to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs), in addition to its keenness for reviewing and amending of legislation and regulations that guarantee the women equal opportunities to access the labor market, as it has built (IMTITHAL) platform to monitor the implementation of decisions and regulations and to ensure justice in gender opportunities in the labor market.

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