HRH Crown Prince, Pakistani PM Hold Joint Press Conference

Published 19 Feb 2019
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HRH Crown Prince, Pakistani PM Hold Joint Press Conference

Islamabad, SPA:
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that for His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Defense, to call himself as the ambassador of Pakistan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a matter of full pride to all Pakistanis.
He pointed out that the expression of the Crown Prince has gone viral on the social networking websites, with a great appeal and hailing by the Pakistani people.
This was unfolded, during a brief joint press conference held by the HRH Crown Prince and the Pakistani Prime Minister, at Nur Khan Air Base, before HRH Crown Prince leaving Pakistan, following a 2-day official visit to the country.
Khan also expressed admiration of the personality of HRH Crown Prince, saying that he is widely popular, in Pakistan, reasserting that the relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is witnessing a rapid development, indicating that the memoranda of understanding co-signed, during the visit would contribute to consolidating and cementing bilateral relations binding the two countries.
The Prime Minister pointed out that Pakistan is anticipating for HRH Crown to further visit the country.
For his part, HRH Crown Prince said that Pakistan is an important state, adding that he is confident of its flourishing future, as it entertains huge potentials and opportunities and expressing hope that Pakistan will be among the largest economies, in the world, by 2030.
China, HRH Crown Prince said, is no doubt will become the largest by 2030 and India will be the third largest, however, Pakistan will take advantage of its neighbors, under its successful leadership, which is capable to put Pakistan on the right track.
HRH Crown Prince drew attention that Pakistan has achieved an economic growth rate of 5 per cent, in 2018, as an indication of its capabilities to achieve economic growth objectives, smoothly, in the future, due to its people potentials and efforts, along with strong allies.
Pakistan, HRH Crown Prince reasserted, is moving on the path of development and prosperity, under the leadership of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, concluding that the existing cooperation between the two countries, will witness furthermore progress, in the future.

Last Modified Date: 19/02/2019 - 7:32 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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