KSA Reiterates its Firm Stance towards the Palestinian Cause

Published 19 Mar 2019
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KSA Reiterates its Firm Stance towards the Palestinian Cause

Geneva, SPA:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) reiterated its firm stance towards the Palestinian cause, as one of its main political invariables, as the Kingdom used to support and give a hand to that cause, through several stages and at all levels, proceeding from its well established principle of denouncing injustice, aggression and human rights violations.
The Kingdom underscored the significance of Chapter 7 as an important part on the agenda of the Human Rights Council (HRC) meetings, as a constant item, as much as human rights violations continue to take place, in the Arab and Palestinian occupied territories.
KSA Ambassador to the UN Office, in Geneva, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Wasal said, as he was addressing the HRC that flagrant violations exercised against our brethren in the Palestinian and Arab territories, which, unfortunately, continue to take place, all through 60 years up to the time being, amid world community failure to stop such violations, the last of which was targeting of Israeli occupation forces of the Aqsa Mosque, evacuating its plazas and closing its doors before worshippers.
He also called on the HRC to confront such violations, including taking serious and businesslike steps to stop all settlement activities, in the Palestinian occupied territories, reasserting the necessity to carry out all relevant UN resolutions, including HRC resolutions, in order to put an end to such ongoing preaches of human rights, there.
Al-Wasal renounced, in strong terms, non-cooperation of the occupying authorities with the UN mechanisms and independently run international investigations, and the attempt to intimidate and defamation practiced by the occupation power against them.
KSA emphasized significance of solving the Palestinian cause, mitigating the suffering of the Palestinian people and the importance of collectively deterring the violations and backing up endeavors exerted for the sake of putting an end to the overdue occupation, with its multiple fallouts, not only on the Palestinian people, but also on the whole region as well as the world, entirely.

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