KSA Emphasizes its Central Role, in Preserving World Harmony, Peace

Published 19 Jun 2019
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KSA Emphasizes its Central Role, in Preserving World Harmony, Peace

New York, SPA:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) emphasized its central role in preserving world harmony and peace and its global clout importance as the leader of the Islamic world.
The Kingdom's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Muallimi made the remarks, in the informal briefing of member states on the United Nations strategy and plan of action, on hate discourse, which was held at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), at United Nations Headquarters here.
He explained that the world is facing many challenges, the most important of which is the making of the peaceful and loving man who accepts the other and above all it is necessary for everyone to believe that there are shared human and natural divisors that are sufficient to bring harmony and peace to our world.
No utilitarian methods should be exercised, at the expense of common human values, so it is important to be open to others, to meet challenges with confidence and optimism and to always seek solutions, at the lowest and least risk.
He referred to the conference held by the Muslim World League last May, at this hall, describing it as a Responsible Leadership conference, which was held, in the presence of senior religious leaders from various faith, a number of prominent intellectuals, politicians, civil and governmental officials from around the world, with an utltimate goal of overcoming the discourse of hatred.

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