Saudi Arabia Is A Pioneer of Humanitarian Work Worldwide

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Published 19 Aug 2021
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Saudi Arabia Is A Pioneer of Humanitarian Work Worldwide

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has established its global status and strong presence on the level of humanitarian and volunteering work as well as the provision of humanitarian aid worldwide, which is evident through the financial and material relief programs it provides with national cadres in areas of disasters, wars and conflicts, through its humanitarian arm: King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Centre (KSrelief), which represents a humanitarian and relief value all over the world.
The World Humanitarian Day, which is celebrated by the Kingdom among the countries of the world, which falls on the 19th of August, comes to stand with the heroes of humanitarian work from volunteers and workers in this sector, spread the culture of human rights in various fields, educate and motivate young people to participate in humanitarian relief work professionally according to the criteria adopted in this regard, as humanitarian work depends on deep-rooted values that have been following by this blessed country since its inception by the founder late King Abdulaziz.
The Kingdom’s pioneering role in the field of charitable and humanitarian work worldwide lies in many humanitarian initiatives and aid out of its belief in the importance of the effective humanitarian and development role it plays towards the needy and affected countries, to make the humanitarian dimension a consistent approach in its policy, as the inauguration of KSrelief came to be a leading international center for relief of communities suffering from disasters with the aim of helping them and getting rid of their suffering to live a decent life, and to be an umbrella for the Kingdom's external humanitarian and relief work and the only body authorized to receive any relief, charitable or humanitarian donations, whether governmental or private, to deliver them to those in need abroad according to regulations.
This World Humanitarian Day also comes as KSrelief has recorded a remarkable international presence in the humanitarian scene through its implementation of 1,705 humanitarian and relief projects in 69 countries around the world, with a value of more than USD 5,430,528 billion covering several vital sectors.
The volunteerism constitutes an important pillar in the work of KSrelief, as it implemented 159 volunteering programs in various fields in 19 countries around the world benefiting more than 362,000 people, including medical programs to combat blindness and its diseases and open-heart surgeries and catheterization, in addition to specialized surgical programs with the participation of Saudi volunteer cadres of doctors and specialists who were able to perform more than 46,000 surgeries and provide treatment to thousands of beneficiaries of low-income families in the targeted countries.
KSrelief places the volunteering work among its main goals, seeking to develop it, educate young people about its importance and motivate them to participate in it, and contribute to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by increasing the number of volunteers to one million.
Along with these efforts, there is the Saudi medical program for separating Siamese twins, which is the only program of its kind in the world that covers all the expenses of the surgery, treatment and rehabilitation since it has received over the course of 3 decades numerous of cases of Siamese twins from different countries of the world, studying and evaluating them before undergoing any surgery, while the number of cases that have been studied so far has reached 117 cases from 22 countries in 3 continents around the world, in addition to conducting a separation operation for 50 of them and all of them were successful in a world leading record added to the Kingdom’s medical and humanitarian record.
KSrelief large humanitarian projects and programs constitute a prominent mark in the Kingdom’s humanitarian record and a tip of the iceberg of its giving.
The Kingdom's hands and bright record of giving will remain generously extended according to the generous directives of the leadership, based on the noble teachings of our Islamic religion and as a reflection of the highest meanings of human solidarity.

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