DGA issues a circular regarding establishing new platforms, mobile applications, and websites on all domains, integration channels, and digital services

Published 20 Jun 2021
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DGA issues a circular regarding establishing new platforms, mobile applications, and websites on all domains, integration channels, and digital services

eMedia- Riyadh:

As part of its efforts to develop the regulatory environment for the digital government, the Digital Government Authority, which oversees all matters related to the digital government in the Kingdom, has issued a circular to all government agencies and their affiliated or associated entities confirming the need to obtain prior approval from the Authority before establishing any new platform. Including mobile applications and websites on all domains, integration channels, and digital services, whether they will be launched directly through the entity or a contracting company.

The issuance of the circular is part of the Authority’s efforts related to regulating digital government work and platforms, websites, services, networks, and the unified national portal, in addition to organizing operations and management and related projects, circulating them to the relevant authorities, and monitoring their compliance. Including developing plans, programs, indicators, and metrics related to digital government work.

His Excellency Eng. Ahmed bin Mohammad Al-Suwaiyan, Governor of the Digital Government Authority, explained that the circular aims to regulate the governmental digital work within government agencies, enabling them to provide an integrated and effective digital experience that meets the citizens’ needs. Moreover, the circular supports developing a proactive digital government capable of delivering highly efficient digital services, achieving integration in the digital government field among the different government agencies, and enhancing the private sector’s investment landscape.

His Excellency Eng. Al-Suwaiyan stressed the importance of the directives included in the circular, given the need to join forces between all sectors and strengthen the partnership between the Authority and government agencies. HE pointed out that electronic transactions, services, and technical infrastructure are the main elements of Vision 2030. In light of the Kingdom’s expansion in the provision of electronic services and the spread of technology usage, the Authority aims to direct national efforts toward achieving integration between government digital platforms and provide a national framework to support government efforts. These efforts intend to harmonize government procedures, achieve optimal investment for existing assets, improve operational efficiency, follow safe practices for dealing with technology, and protect information, data, and systems for national authorities in the Kingdom. The Authority also seeks to enable national agencies and the private sector to invest and create a vibrant environment for innovation in digital platforms.

The Authority attributed the issuance of the circular to its desire to move government services towards new heights and keep pace with global trends in the field, in line with the relevant goals of Vision 2030. In addition, the circular clarified that obtaining approval requires filling out the necessary form and submitting applications by visiting

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