Foreign Minister Receives UN Envoy to Syria

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Published 6 Jan 2016
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Foreign Minister Receives UN Envoy to Syria

Riyadh,  SPA:

 Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs, received here yesterday UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura.

 In a press statement following the meeting, Al-Jubeir said that the UN envoy's visit to the Kingdom is an opportunity to consultation and exchanging views on pushing the Syrian peaceful process on the basis of the principles of 'Geneva 1', Vienna's meetings and New York's recent meetings.

 The foreign minister indicated that the UN envoy briefed him on the outcomes of his meetings with the Syrian opposition in Riyadh regarding formation of negotiating team, stressing that they held talks about the next steps for the peace process to reach a peaceful solution for the Syrian crisis.

 Al-Jubeir also stressed the Kingdom's position in this regard and looked forward to finding a solution to this crisis based on the principles of the Geneva 1 to form a transitional authority to rule, a new constitution and elections as well as no role for Bashar Al-Assad in Syria's future.

 For his part, de Mistura thanked the Minister of Foreign Affairs, pointing out that his visit to the Kingdom came to hold meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and representatives of the Syrian opposition in Riyadh, pointing out that Al-Jubeir's determination is clear regarding the recent tensions in the region would not affect negatively on Vienna's agreement.

 For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said: 'I would like to emphasize what have already been addressed in the meeting. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to supporting the Syrian people to gain their rights. We will continue to provide military, political and economic support for the Syrian people. We will continue working with you and the international community in order to reach a political solution for the Syrian crisis based on the principles of the Geneva 1 Declaration, Vienna's talks and New York's recent talks,' adding that he wishes all success for the UN envoy.

 The meeting was attended by a number of officials.

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